Carbon Block Ventures is a Private Fund for Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) by a group of veteran investors from all around the world. Our combined experience in the blockchain ecosystem is well positioned to help projects succeed in this rapidly growing ecosystem.

We envision a decentralized future where data and value can be seamlessly transferred between people all around the world. We strongly believe that DLT technology has the power to change and disrupt many industries. 
Our goal is to help accelerate and create the future internet of value through strategic investments and partnerships with innovative projects.


Why Us?

  • Seed Fund/Investment: Our investors can raise a seed fund for your project or Invest in your ICO. Having seed funding is a great way to kick off exciting projects. We look at projects that can impact the blockchain ecosystem as well as projects that have the potential to disrupt many industries. 
  • General Advisory: Many of our team members have been in the blockchain world since 2016, some earlier. We have invested in and followed multiple ICOs through their whole fundraising process. Projects can also leverage on our extensive network of industry connections to find the right people that will give them the best chance of success. As advisors, we can help a project realize it's highest potential.
  • Token Economics Advisory: With experience in investing and monitoring the success of multiple ICOs. We have the ability to provide guidance on token economics to ensure the best chance of success for your project.
  • Marketing: We have close relationships with multiple influencers and private investor groups.  Being able to have access to experienced, well-connected investors is invaluable in the current blockchain ecosystem. Creating a strong following is key to success in any blockchain project.

Our Portfolio: